Friday, September 17, 2010

Wooden iPad Stand boosts iPad volume!

Wooden accessories like native keychains, ashtrays, lamp, tables, figurines are pretty popular in the Philippines. Carrol Wilhelm probably got this idea to design a Wooden iPad Stand. But his design is not just a wooden stand/dock, it boosts the volume to a considerable level. The design was well thought and research was conducted thoroughly before this was developed. No need to buy external speakers for your iPad! 

See for yourself.

The iPad Stand will cost you around $39.95 @ Etsy. 40 bucks for a piece of wood with 4 holes @_@

Source: Etsy


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bring the house down with Logitech's new netbook clip-on speakers!

With netbooks sold in a really low price, manufacturers didn't care to bundle netbooks with good quality speakers. And besides, netbooks aren't meant to be transformed into a portable movie home theater. But who say's it's not possible?

Introducing, Logitech's Z305 clip-on speakers!

As seen on the images, Logitech's Z305 allows you to clip it on your netbook or notebook for portability. Unlike the Z205, where the speaker is facing the user, the Z305 is a bus-powered speaker that emulates surround system. The sound output is more balanced, the user won't hear high frequencies dropping out when the user moves to a different position. SRP is at $99.99. 

Watch this video review on the 360-degree surround speakers, Z305, and wireless speakers, Z515: 

Source: Gizmodo


Monday, September 6, 2010

Open bottled drinks with your iPhone!

No bottle opener? Instead of using your teeth, why not open bottled beverage in style by using the new iBottleopener case for iPhone! 

The iBottleopener case protects your iPhone from scratches and dirt, and at the same time, serves as a functional bottle opener!  No need to bring bulky bottle opener key chains.

Demo video on how to use the iBottleopener:

The iBottleopener is available at the LightBulb Moments for only $19.95++.

Real men are beer drinkers, beer drinkers need bottle openers. Thus, Techno Bacon adds iBottleopener to its list of bad ass iPhone cases for real men!  

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